Our Approach

The school’s approach is guided by cutting edge research and experience of best educational practices. Evidence has shown that students learn best when they have home, peer, teacher and school support that is focused, accountable, sustained in quality, supported by data and aligned with the student’s own ambition to achieve. This is the fundamental approach that drives success in our school.

Specifically, these high goals are achieved by specific behaviors and experiences. At the heart of our approach will be:

  • Strong school leadership that champions character, tolerance, responsibility, innovation and enterprise, an appreciation and understanding of Arabic and of Dubai – through assemblies, messaging (e.g. blogs, social media), presentation evenings, student participation, challenges to the whole school, and as role models
  • Accountability at all levels because our systems make performance and progress visible, because we subject our work to external scrutiny and good governance
  • Student responsibility, because this is the foundation of student confidence, motivation, behavior and resilience – for example there will be responsibility posts for students, a competition for entrepreneurs of the year, participation in whole-school challenges, team leadership opportunities in outdoor education, and teamwork
  • Teacher responsibility for the quality of their work and for their own improvement
  • Smart use of data that makes outcomes and impact transparent, which leads to continuous improvement – demonstrated  on honors boards and in changing LED screen displays that present and celebrate student products, work samples, performance levels/score, and other achievements, both individual and collective
  • Recognition of academic and personal achievement – there is a clear and strong place for ‘21st Century skills’ in the school’s goals to develop character, resilience, high achievement, and international understanding

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