Our Mission and Vision

School Mission:

Renaissance School is committed to engaging students to connect their knowledge and understanding to develop the whole learner. We value diversity and model acceptance of all cultures within the school, UAE, and international communities of the world.

School Vision:

Everyone engages, everyone reflects, everyone learns.

Our Educational Vision is for students to discover their potential by developing good character, by gaining international qualifications, by learning to learn, and by discovering how to be innovative, tolerant and happy in this fast-changing world.

We will value every child as an active contributor and will nurture each student so they are a beacon to others in an ever-changing, complex society.

In terms of character, our core values enshrine:

Authenticity we show students how to believe in themselves and their own Identity
Leadership we develop each students’ individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to unleash their potential
Nobility we build up students’ characters with virtues such as decency, bravery, and generosity that are rooted in the UAE culture
Ambition we work with aspiration and long-term vision
Honesty we act with sincerity and truthfulness
Diversity we understand that each individual is unique and we recognize individual differences in a safe positive and nurturing environment
Accountability we show students how to take personal responsibility for action
Mindfulness we show students how to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing


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