Admission Process

Admission Process at the Renaissance School

We welcome children from all communities and ability groups. We are currently enrolling children from Pre-KG1 to Grade 4 for the 2018-19 academic year.

To join our community, please complete the Application Form and take it, together with the supporting documents listed below and the Application Fee of 500 AED, to our admissions office in the school.

Supporting Documents

You need to provide us with:

I. For the Child:

  • Copy of latest School reports for the current year, and final report for last year (if applicable)
  • Transfer letter if transferring from outside UAE, or Transfer certificate if transferring from another Emirate within UAE
  • Medical form (Click to download)
  • Media Form (Click to download)
  • Child Pick up Form (Click to download)
  • 3 photos (passport size)
  • Copy of Insurance Card
  • Copy of valid passport, valid emirates ID, and valid residence visa (for expatriate applicants only)
  • Copy of birth certificate and vaccination records.

II. For the parents

  • Copy of valid passport, Emirates ID, and residence visa (for expatriate families only) for the father and the mother.
  • 1 photo (passport size) for Father and Mother
  • Copy of family book (for UAE applicants only)

Child Pick up form

Medical Form Confidential

Media consent form

Transfer letter

You need to know:

*For birth certificates, attestation is required from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy of the country of origin.

*Please note that all documents must be submitted in either English or Arabic and legally translated and attested copies will be required where these are not the original languages of issue.

If you have just arrived in Dubai and you are still waiting for your visa to be processed, we are happy to accept your application whilst you gain these documents.  We will need copies once your visa and Emirates ID have been granted.

Your child will be invited to an assessment session at the School where they will take part in age-appropriate activities designed so that we can understand your child better.  These sessions are usually held with a small group of children.

Whilst your child is being assessed, our team would be delighted to learn more about your needs and interests and to answer any remaining questions that you may have.

We will confirm whether we are able to offer your child a place within 3 days.  To secure your child’s place, we will need you to pay the admission deposit of 3000 AED and ensure that all documentation has been provided.  To comply with the Ministry of Education (KHDA)’s guidance, a Transfer Certificate and a Health Certificate are required before your child starts.

Transfer Certificate Information

It is a Ministry of Education requirement that all students must submit a Transfer Certificate (TC) before they start school.

What are the Transfer Certificate requirements?

Requirements for Transfer Certificates vary depending on where a student is joining from geographically. The Transfer Certificate generally takes the form of a letter prepared by the previous school confirming the student’s attendance and last recorded school year group/grade. In some cases, this is the only evidence required.

In many cases, however, the authenticity of the Transfer Certificate (and sometimes Identity documents) need to be attested by the Ministry of Education or equivalent Authority and the UAE Consulate in the home country, and by the UAE

Ministry of Foreign Affairs on arrival in the UAE. (In some cases, the Embassy of the home country in the UAE can fulfill the Attestation requirement for the Education Authority and UAE Consulate). The schools to which you apply will provide you with a sample Transfer Certificate and will confirm the requirements.

The following chart shows the transfer certificate requirements including attestation:

Location they are transferring from Transfer Certificate – Signature, stamp and attestation requirements
Another school in Dubai A transfer certificate is not required as the transfer is done online for all children from FS2/KG1.
Another Emirate of the UAE (from Year 3/Grade 2) School principal’s signature and school stamp Attestation by the Ministry of Education in the current emirate
North America (except Quebec), Western Europe and Australia School principal’s signature and school stamp

Age guidance:

Please apply to the exact grade with reference to the table below:

Grade Date of Birth Age
Pre-School January – December 2015 3 years – 3 years 11 months
KG1 January – December 2014 4 years – 4 years 11 months
KG2 January – December 2013 5 years – 5 years 11 months
GR1 January – December 2012 6 years – 6 years 11 months
GR2 January – December 2011 7 years – 7 years 11 months
GR3 January – December 2010 8 years – 8 years 11 months
GR4 January – December 2009 9 years – 9 years 11 months

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