A Renaissance Learner

Our Students are:

Cared for – We will care for each and every child and ensure that we meet their individual needs. In our caring approach, we will maintain the highest expectations for effort and achievement in all aspects of the school.

Nurtured – We will nurture and encourage children so they feel secure, safe and supported in our learning environment.

Encouraged – We will encourage and give children the best opportunities to grow, develop and achieve their personal best.

Happy – We are committed to ensuring that our children are happy during their time at the school and go on to leave happy fulfilled lives once they grow up.

Confident– We will ask students to take on bigger challenges from time to time, for example in a school competition or play/performance – we will give children the opportunity to ‘have a go’ and will always be on hand when things don’t go right first time – this builds a key skill, namely resilience. We will promote a culture whereby students are encouraged to strive and learn the power of taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them.

Resilient – We will encourage children to persevere through challenges. We will sustain the intellectual, physical, creative and emotional needs of each child as an individual. Our children will learn from criticism; persist in the face of set-backs; and embrace challenges.

Ambitious – Our students will be encouraged to ‘be their best’ and to ‘go for it’.  We will find their strengths and set challenging, personal academic targets that deepen our learners’ appetite for knowledge.

Enterprising We will help every child to learn how to run a business, backing them with the resources and guiding their decisions, so they will understand how to create wealth and jobs.

KindWe will embed a culture of kindness, where every individual will know they will be respected and their achievements celebrated.

Supported emotionally as well as educationally – We are committed to the development of the whole child through a nurturing environment and individualised support.

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