Renaissance School is a learning community. It is a place of learning, discovering, laughter and friendship. We understand that education is both the formal and informal process where people rationally guide and systematically guarantee the reproduction and refinement of the best of themselves.

We see teaching and learning as the divine dance between student and teacher that nurtures the intellectual capacity of everyone.

Renaissance staff works confidently to ensure that each child in our care will unlock and realise that potential with our support.

For our teachers, we support and provide professional development so that they can improve their knowledge and skills, learn from colleagues and benefit from partnerships outside school.

We also recognise that education is a shared responsibility between family and school and we truly value the partnerships that we forge. Above all, there is a tangible atmosphere of family and community spirit. Our partnership with parents is based on the premise of an open-door policy. The open door policy is not just a saying.  We encourage parents to be actively engaged in our development and our self-evaluation and promise to listen to suggestions or concerns.

Community service is a priority at Renaissance School. We strive to ensure that all children are aware of the importance of helping others and making a difference. With privilege comes responsibility and we encourage our children to act responsibly as citizens of Dubai, the UAE and the wider world.

We know that schools are an important part of family life. Whether you are new to Dubai or a long-term resident, Renaissance School will welcome you at coffee mornings and other social events as we build our school community.

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