Digital Futures


Applied Technology

Applications of Technology

  • operate technology efficiently and effectively
  • use technology resources to complete activities
  • select appropriate technology to complete a task
  • communicate ideas using technology resources
  • use appropriate technical terminology
  • share technology-based products with others
  • cooperate with others when using technology
  • organize, analyze, evaluate and/or summarize information
  • paint or draw to express ideas
  • create a presentation to share ideas
  • produce a video
  • photo edit to improve, compress, or transpose images
  • generate an animated movie or tell a digital story

Ethical and Safe Use

  • demonstrate appropriate behavior when using technology
  • practice safety rules when using technology

Computers in Society

  • recognize the use of technology at home, school, or work
  • role play technology related professions

Create Graphics

  • express thoughts through pictures
  • select paint or drawing tool options
  • erase or delete part or an entire graphic
  • draw shapes or add stamps/stickers
  • draw or paint freehand using a pencil or paint brush
  • insert or embed a graphic: clip art, picture file
Video Production

View a Video

  • play, pause, stop, rewind, or fast forward a video
  • play a specific portion of a video

Applications and Video

  • insert, embed, or link to a video in an application
  • convert a file into a video format
  • select the video quality and type when outputting the file

Record Video

  • plan the content of a video
  • use a device to capture video
Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing Basics

  • select a publication type suitable to the purpose
  • design a publication for a target audience
  • express content clearly and concisely
  • solve design problems


Robotics Basics
  • Learn about Machines and Types of Machines
  • Understanding Lever and its types
  • Able to define Robot
  • Ability to differentiate Machine and Robots
  • Working with sensors
  • Ability to write code with minimum errors
  • Integration of IR sensors and Remote control
Robotics Intermediate
  • build and understand gear mechanism through the gear system
  • use different parts of kit in building various mechanisms
  • build autonomous and remote control robots
  • demonstrate how system integration works
  • develop a correct program
  • compile and download
  • completing challenge
  • solve more programs

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