New York New Generation Standards

Similar to Dubai, New York City is viewed as a melting pot composed of different cultures and languages. The state has over eight million people, 800 languages, and is the largest school system in the United States.  The state of New York has revised their standards to ensure rigor and fostering 21st century skills. These Next Generation Learning Standards focus on supporting all learners while maintaining high quality teaching and learning. This set of standards will provide our school with a framework for English Language Arts and Mathematics

Integrated further into our curriculum will be Arabic, Islamic Education, and Moral Education. To ensure the whole child is the main focus our program, we will follow the New York State Learning Standards for the arts, and physical education will align to the Physical Education Learning Standards while referencing SHAPE. As a digital school the Information and Communications Technology will be integrated using the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

“Design thinking” and “innovation” will also be infused  into the learning expectations, in the form of stimulating student thinking and action to achieve innovative outcomes.

The intention is to provide a rich international curriculum that is relevant to the communities in Dubai who will seek a place at the school. These communities value a strong international curriculum for its quality and relevance; in addition, they want their cultures, histories and narratives to be recognized and honored. The school will celebrate this diversity, every day, and will ensure that all children learn about their own background and identity, while growing up in a truly international city.

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