Our Elementary School

Our aim in the Elementary School is to inspire and challenge students while we promote happiness and wellbeing at all times. This section of the school is characterized by a hustle and bustle of cooperative group learning activities, discussions, sharing ideas and a hands-on approach as much as possible. Students are encouraged to engage in the topics being covered while being guided through carefully planned and facilitated learning activities provided by our amazing teachers.

Renaissance School makes use of the New York State Standards known as The Next Generation Learning Standards. These skills-based standards focus on supporting all students while maintaining high quality teaching and learning. The use of these standards allows us the flexibility to adjust learning activities and content to focus on the needs of the students within our classes. Knowing that Renaissance School is positioned in the heart of Dubai Sport City where we are surrounded by an abundance of expat families, we are proud to say that we are able to offer support to all of our students, regardless of whether they are native English speakers or First Additional Language students. We also have a SEND department which offers support to our special educational needs students and their families. Everyone engages, everyone reflects, and everyone learns…just as our school motto states!

Renaissance School celebrates our diversity, and ensures that all students learn about their own backgrounds and identities, while growing up in a truly international city.

We will  provide a rich international curriculum that is relevant to the communities in Dubai who will seek a place at the school. The school will celebrate this diversity, every day, and will ensure that all children learn about their own background and identity, while growing up in a truly international city.

Our approach to ensure that students gain a truly international outlook which is in line with the school’s vision and mission is to:

  • Decorate the school and classrooms with displays which celebrate the diverse nationalities of people living in Dubai,
  • Have regular assemblies where we celebrate each other’s achievements and also discuss global issues and current events,
  • Integrate the UAE Emirati culture into classroom activities as far as possible,
  • Integrate activities across subjects so that we can broaden students’ global knowledge and experiences (E.g.: Awareness of international events such as the Olympics, Expo 2020, natural hazards such as earthquakes and floods, and other age appropriate environmental issues.)
  • Host festivals
  •  Honor the UAE and the Arab world during assemblies by celebrating national days, playing the national anthem each morning, making cultural visits as part of our field trip program, as well as inviting guest speakers.

We are proud to boast relatively small class sizes in the Elementary School. Lower grades have classroom assistants and each room is equipped with an interactive smart board as well as a wealth of teaching and learning materials for hands-on learning activities. Grade 3 students make use of books and iPad learning with online access to our online educational platforms. Our aim is to allow younger students to develop their fine motor skills and then in the older grades, further their technological learning to equip them for the world after school.

As an American Curriculum school, we participate in regular NWEA MAP Testing, and we are proud of our students for being able to achieve good reading fluency scores in 2022. We are also proud of the Elementary Section for achieving a “Good” rating for student progress from the KHDA in their report of Renaissance School in 2022 across all subjects.

Please feel free to set up an appointment with our admissions department if you would like to schedule a school tour of the Elementary School.

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