The school has a clear policy for Students of Determination that is reflective of the diverse population of Dubai. We do not discriminate unfairly in admissions or educational provision, against children with special educational needs.

  • identifies students needing added help as soon as possible using a range of tests
  • hires Learning Support Assistants for children with low to moderate difficulties, with parents’ agreement
  • provides intervention at a suitable level when a child is identified as requiring added help
  • uses a variety of teaching approaches, and caters for different learning preferences, to allow all students to access the curriculum and achieve their set education goals
  • designs and implements Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) where required
  • assesses and keeps records of the progress of all students
  • uses data to set targets and review IEPs
  • works with local and outside agencies who provide specialist support in teaching for development and progress of all students
  • works in partnership with parents 
  • embraces neurodiversity and views our students with special needs in terms of ‘diversity’ rather than disability, and couples that approach with differentiation strategies that build on students’ strengths
  • provides continuous training for the staff supporting Students with Determination
  • hires a Coordinator (SENCO) in the school to lead the provision for Students with Determination and the day to day operation of the school’s related policies

The SENCO coordinates additional support for Students with Determination and liaises with their parents, teachers and other professionals who are involved.

The school supports students, once admitted, with a range of special needs across the whole spectrum covered by KHDA categories: behavioral, social and emotional; communication and interaction; sensory and physical; medical conditions or health-related disability; learning difficulties; gifted and talented, and disabled. This can involve addressing gaps in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, early difficulties caused by adopting English as an additional language, mild dyslexia and dyspraxia, certain forms of autism, mobility difficulties and manageable difficulties in hearing and sight. Where parents wish students with more severe disabilities to be included in the school, we will work with them to ensure they have choice.

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