Health Services

Renaissance School’s Health Services support children at school with many aspects of healthcare in order to promote safe and healthy living. The school nurse work in collaboration with the Health Authority of Dubai (DHA) to provide required services to children including:

  • Medication administration and care of children with specific medical needs such as asthma and diabetes
  • Assessment of minor health complaints
  • First Aid treatment for accidents or emergencies during the school day
  • Annual Screening Checks; height, weight and BMI calculation to monitor and maintain the health of all children in school
  • Supporting the school health services from DHA in providing vaccinations as per the DHA schedule
  • Wellness promotion


Children at school will be offered vaccinations in line with the UAE vaccination schedule. From time to time DHA will immunize off schedule to the general school population in line with government policy. Children cannot and will not be immunized without parental consent. It is very important that any consent forms sent by the school nurses are filled in and sent back to school as soon as possible.

School Clinic 

The clinic in school is equipped to deal with all minor and initial emergency concerns that may occur in school. The clinic and nurse are fully compliant with all DHA requirements and use evidence-based health care practices. There is an open door policy in the clinic and students, teachers and parents are welcome to come and speak with a nurse at any time within the school day.The nurse also work closely with the school social worker to address issues with students if required.

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