International Fashion Garments have designed The Renaissance School Uniform. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality students, men’s and ladies uniforms and clothing They offer a quality product and a quality service, giving you a wide variety of styles & designs manufactured to the very highest standards.

Garments are tailored in their own factory, which is one of the most modern units in the U.A.E. using both modern and traditional tailoring methods by highly trained staff.

Price List 

SN Item Descriptions SCHL Unit Price
  Basic uniform    
1 polo shirt dry fit sky blue with logo boys 68
2 classic trouser back elastic navy blue with logo boys 75
3 short  Bermuda navy blue with logo boys 65
4 polo shirt dry fit sky blue with logo girls 68
5 skirt navy blue with logo girls 68
6 short  / skirt navy blue with logo girls 65
  Sport uniform  
7 V-neck polo shirt sky blue with logo G.S/B.S 60
8 jacket navy blue with rib & logo G.S/B.S 84
10 sport trouser with piping & logo G.S/B.S 50
11 sport short navy blue with logo G.S/B.S 45
 12 cap navy blue & red with logo G.S/B.S 26
 13 socks 100% cotton white & red color G.S/B.S 20
 14 school leather belt G.S/B.S 28
15  school shoes G.S/B.S 75
 16 sport shoes with  velcro and white in color G.S/B.S 75
 17 school bag with logo G.S/B.S 79
  Swimming uniform  
18  swimming short boys 95
19   swim-suit girls 95

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